Why have a Pool in Your House?

A Pool is an excuse for your family to be together, it’s a wonderful place to rest with no hurries, no waits, you will have long hours of fun.

The Pools are safe and convenient, are easy to maintenance and know having one is easier than ever.

Imagine that you don’t have to travel or go out of home or make reservations, no big plans, you don’t need to pay any memberships. There’s no better place to have the best moments of your life than your own Pool in your own house.

A pool in your house will make you healthier; it’s a spot where you can release all the stress of a long day work or your normal activities. Exercise your self in your Pool keeps you in good shape, it will free you of pain, and the best of all its fun.

Today the homes with Pool have more value than the ones without it. Your patio with a Pool of Splash Masterpools gives value and beauty to your property. The investment with Splash in more reachable than ever and you will get back this investment increasing the value of your property and with memorable moments that you will have on it.

Where Can I put my Pool?

One of the more important decisions that you have to do is the location of your Pool. In Splash Masterpools we are available to help you on the search of the best option and to find the best place. Allow us to visit, to know your garden, we will take photos, will do a local study, having in mind the accesses, existing constructions, services, trees and plants. 

¿What size must have my Pool?

In Splash Masterpools, we have different alternatives to offer you. We believe that we must know your needs and to know the budget which you have, nevertheless we must know which are your plans for your garden, how many members are in the family? Of what size is it your garden? What possibilities we have having in mind the elements that already exist in your house? How many persons normally you invite to your house? What size is your dream?

We are sure that we will propose you the measure of the Pool that more adjusts to your possibilities.

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¿How much time take to do a Pool?

The period of the construction is quicker than normally would take with other companies. As soon as we have had contact and have chosen the best pool, Splash Masterpools reduces the time of construction and delivers your Pool in 3 weeks.

¿Is expensive to have a Pool in my house?

Normally one has believed that it is necessary to do big investments to have your own pool and that only some families had access to this luxury.

With Splash Masterpools now everyone can have their own pool, we are sure that we are the best option. The price also will have to see with the size, the style, the accessories and your garden.

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Is difficult to do the maintenance of the Pool?

We will teach you how to do an opportune and efficient maintenance to your pool, or if you prefer we can teach the person that you indicate to carry out the above mentioned maintenance.

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