...................................,..................................................................................... Taking care of a Pool

Basically, they are of two types; the covered Pools and the disclosed Ponds. Those who are outdoors always are more difficult to take care that the covers, for which they are exposed to multiple factors of the environment, factors that almost always escape to our control as them it are the leaves of tree, insects, powder, garbage. In addition, they are subordinated to such climatic changes as high temperatures, frosts, or the rain. Because of it, if you have a pool outdoors, it is important to do visual inspections and remove the presence of insects, leaves and garbage.

At the moment of giving maintenance to your Pool, there are three basic factors that to consider; Temperature, Acidity and Level of Chlorine.


The only way of controlling the temperature of a Pool is by means of a boiler. For your house especially, the best option is to contract the services of maintenance of an expert, because the managing of the boiler is complicated and needs of specific knowledge.

To warm a small Pool, there is the option of a "small cauldron". They are boilers of minor size that also have a minor capacity. Nevertheless, they are easier to handle and sufficient for a domestic pool.

The most suitable temperature changes according to the needs of the user. For example, for a level of training for competition, it must be kept between 28 and 29 degrees. But in order that the small children use her (particularly the babies) it is necessary to support to 31 degrees. To play sports aquatic in a too warm pool generates the effect of running in a sauna, but to put a small child in a cold pool can cause all kinds of respiratory diseases.


What measures the acidity of the water is what we know with P.H's name. It is possible to measure by a checker (or indicator). 

The P.H. must range between 7.6 or 7.4. If it reaches higher levels, it is possible to lower him with a product of name "Acidet". And in opposite case, if they fall the levels of the P.H., it is possible to make it rise with "Alkalin". Both are powders composed by several types of you go out and of sulphurs.

Level of Chlorine

The chlorine constitutes the excellent disinfectant of your Pool. The Chlorine eliminates the corporal residues as the sweat, the urine, and any other organic matter left by your guests. Because of it, is vital to support the level of necessary chlorine in order that this labor of disinfection is realized.

To determine the quantity of necessary Chlorine to disinfect your Pool is better to guide by the checkers or for the technician who takes charge taking care of it.

A common mistake is to think that when the Pool has a smell of chlorine it is because of the excess of this material. The opposite is just. One of the compounds that they present more frequently in the Pools is the Cloromina, this one consumes the chlorine and generates this smell. A strong aroma to chlorine denounces the presence of this phenomenon. The Cloromina causes small diseases as irritations in nose, skin and eyes.

Do not worry, as soon as we finish your Pool we will explain to you everything relating to the Maintenance and will be of the hand with you in order that this one is realized in an opportune and efficient way. In Splash Masterpools we are to serve you.